Sourcing & Supplies Services

This business vertical cover souring, procurement & supply of items under food & near food categories including imports & in-land logistics.

1) Magnesol

Magnesol® is a safe, pure white compound that meets the food-grade specifications of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives of the World Health Organization. Each Magnesol® particle acts like a tiny magnet to attract and hold onto polar compounds such as FFA, OFA, color, odor and many of the secondary and tertiary by-products of degradation for subsequent removal by filtration.
Magnesol XL is designed specifically for the foodservice industry to extend the life of your cooking oil saving you time and money. The use of Magnesol helps you to deliver consistently high-quality and visually appealing fried foods. We are the sole all India distributors of the oil filtration system Magnesol & Dalsorb by The Dallas Group of USA.

Benefits of using Magnesol are:

2) Filter Machine 

The portable filter machine is a heavy duty, Portable Filtering System, designed for daily oil filtration to extend the useful life of oil by filtering out solid impurities, such as crumbs and carbon that degrade the oil. Using portable oil Filter Machine remove the finest crumbs and sediment and remove soluble impurities giving your oil an extended life so you can fry light, crisp, and golden delicious fried food.
It is equipped with a powerful pump and motor assembly that provides quick mobile oil filtering. It has a stainless steel filter tank mounted on four ball-bearing swivel casters for easy movement with a low-profile design for easy storage. The high-temperature return hose is equipped with a non-heat conducting handle and has insulators on the quick disconnects to make it easy to assemble and disassemble the hose and nozzle assembly along with the standpipe assembly.


DALSORB® Oil Purifier is a safe, pure white compound that removes both solid and dissolved impurities from used oil to provide extended oil life. DALSORB® keeps the frying oil fresh and fried product light & crisp, without discarding a drop of frying oil. DALSORB® Oil Management Solution has helped many food companies to improve their industrial frying process, extend frying oil production life, providing substantial savings in the frying oil, waste and other resources management.

Daily filtration of frying oil with DALSORB® yields the following benefits:

4) Filter Papers

Our Edible Oil Filter Paper for edible oil filtration ensure removal of fine sized food debris and crumbs. The products and oil that lasts longer. We are proud to be a direct distributor of Ahlstrom-Munkjso filter papers, which provides exceptional and dependable filtration for the Quick Service Restaurants, Casual and Fine dining restaurants as well as for catering service providers of all sizes.

Unique features: